Style Wizard

Style is a set of all gallery settings and templates. You can look at it as a gallery without pictures, which means you can use it with your own pictures!

Gena comes with several predefined gallery styles, and additional styles can be downloaded from our web-site.

Note. Technically, "import settings" command is similar to the "load style" command, but one can only import settings from existing workspaces, while styles don't contain images and can be easily shared between Gena users.

In the style selection dialog (Style Wizard) you can see a list of available styles in the left column and a preview of a sample gallery in the right column. You can choose a style and click "Load" to apply selected style to your current project (style will override all your settings but it will keep all pictures and captions intact). You can also load style into empty gallery (gallery without pictures) and then start adding pictures.

"Show Style dialog at startup" option allows you to choose whether to display Style Wizard every time Gena is started.