The Image Gallery usually contains many html files - index pages, image pages. The Gallery user needs some navigation links to go from one page to another, e.g. go to next or previous image page, go from the image page to the index page, etc. Gena can automatically place navigation buttons (or text links) on each generated page.

Gena supports seven navigation links:

Note, that unnecessary links will not appear on the page, so the first page will not contain "First" and "Previous" links, index page will not contain "Up" link, etc.

The user can choose a desired navigation layout for Index pages and Image pages separately.

Certainly, you can choose another layout and place navigation buttons anywhere using Custom Templates.


Navigation Buttons Dialog

Gena comes with several predefined sets of navigation buttons. Each set contains eight buttons, for "First/Prev/Up/Next/Last/Play/Pause/Home" links. You can also choose your own pictures for any button. Moreover, you can create you own sets of buttons and reuse them for different galleries.

This dialog has two parts, the stored sets of buttons in the right part and the current set in the left part. When you click "OK" the current set will be used for the navigation.

The "Save as" button allows the user to store the current set of buttons as a named set. Enter name in the field below the button and click "Save as".

For each button in the current set you can click the "Browse" button to locate a new picture. You can also disable any button and change the button name. In the gallery Button Name will appear as a tooltip (when the "text only" option is unchecked).

You can click color squares in the "Color Adjustment" area to change base color of the navigation buttons. "Advice" buttons suggest some color which usually looks ok given current background color of the index/image page. The "Custom" button replaces color squares with three sliders which allow you to modify three parameters of the base color - Hue, Saturation and Lightness. Using these sliders one can generate virtually any color for navigation buttons to find a perfect match with background color/image and gallery style in general. Press "Custom" again to go to back to basic color selection mode.

User can define "Home URL". Home button (when enabled) is used to link to this URL from all pages of the gallery.

Select the "Text only" option if you don't want any pictures as navigation links. If you choose this option, Gena will use Button Names from this dialog as text links.

"Unused Buttons" control specifies what to do with irrelevant navigation buttons (like "Previous" on the 1st page or "Last" on the last page). There are four different options:


Gena supports five types of navigation layout (Style):

  • Top - navigation links above the content of the page.
  • Bottom - navigation link below the content of the page.
  • Top and Bottom - two sets of identical links - above AND below.
  • Around - First/Previous on the left side of the content, Next/Last on the right side of it, "Up", "Play/Pause" and "Home"- above the content.
  • None - no navigation links at all.

Sets of navigation buttons are actually normal folders inside the root Gena directory, in the folders titled "Navigation" and "Navigation\Advanced". You can manually (e.g. in the Windows Explorer) delete button sets (folders) or create new sets. Folder name is the name of the set. Each folder contains five files:,,,,,,, (xxx is a file extension, usually "jpg" or "gif").